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The axle we offer including flexible steering axle, high load and high strength driving axle and high load semi-trailer axle.
The front axle uses the yaw of the knuckle to achieve steering of the car, so it is also called the steering axle. Located at the front of the car. In order to ensure safe driving of the vehicle, the front axle is provided with an appropriate front wheel positioning angle.
The front axle assembly is composed of a front axle , a steering knuckle and a hub. The front axle assembly uses the knuckle of the knuckle to realize the steering of the car, so it is also called the steering axle. The assembly is located at the front of the car and is therefore known as the front axle.
The gear axle is generally composed of a final drive, a differential, a wheel drive, and a transaxle case. Its function is to fold the power transmitted from the universal joint device through the 90° angle, change the direction of force transmission, and reduce the speed by the final reducer. After increasing the torque, the differential is distributed to the left and right axles and the drive.
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* Saving materials, reducing weight, using a cross-sectional shape of equal strength profile or large section factor;
* Easy to position, stabilize, assemble, disassemble and adjust parts on the shaft;
* Various structural measures to reduce stress concentration and increase strength;
* Easy to manufacture and guarantee accuracy.
* Ensure that the car has the best power and fuel economy.
* The small size ensures the necessary ground clearance.
* Gears and other transmissions work smoothly and with low noise.
* High transmission efficiency at various speeds and loads.
* Under the condition of ensuring sufficient strength and rigidity, the unsprung mass is as small as possible to improve the ride comfort.
* Perfectly coordinated with the movement of the suspension guide mechanism, simple structure, good processing technology, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient.