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CGT logo logo signing ceremony held in Beijing on the right track urea industry

- May 07, 2017 -

Organized by the China internal combustion engine industry association organized the production and manufacture of automotive urea water conditions and product quality evaluation report will be held in beijing. After reviewing the working group for the comprehensive evaluation of the 11 urea enterprises after the final evaluation of the report, CGT logo signing ceremony will also be a grand opening.

Xiamen and other 11 through the assessment of the enterprise and China internal combustion engine industry association formally signed the CGT logo logo use contract". The signing also marks the authorized urea enterprises will be able to provide the market with CGT logo logo urea products. At the same time the signing of the contract, the company authorized to use the CGT logo logo also voluntarily signed a "urea urea water solution CGT logo logo products manufacturing enterprises self-discipline convention".

As we all know, automotive urea is a heavy-duty diesel vehicles to achieve the national four emission standards essential products. However, due to the short storage period, filling system requirements and other factors, resulting in its sales channels have not been fully spread. In addition, the country has repeatedly postponed the four emission standards, but also led to the slow development of urea industry.

With the full implementation of the country's four standard this year, the country's growing number of cars in four, urea demand rose. In this case, urea system construction, filling problems, quality problems need to be resolved as soon as possible.

To this end, the end of 2013, China internal combustion engine industry association organized some aqueous urea manufacturing companies, diesel engine manufacturing enterprises and machinery industry exhaust postprocessing Engineering Technology Research Center, to solicit opinions and discuss the basic research, the "reduction of diesel engine NOx agent, aqueous solution of urea production conditions and products quality supervision and management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures") and "diesel engine NOx reduction agent aqueous solution of urea production conditions and product quality supervision and management measures of the implementation of the rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules"), and in November 3, 2014 to China internal combustion engine industry association within the association of special words (2014) No. 059 officially released in December 2nd of the same year; CGT logo in the "work conference" to promote energy-saving emission reduction and sustainable development of the internal combustion engine officially On-line release.

After the announcement of the CGT logo, has been widely recognized at home and abroad, and the CGT and the European AdBlue, the United States DEF and known as the world's three regions of urea brand logo. However, with AdBlue and DEF is different, CGT logo logo will not be linked with money, interests, because China's internal combustion engine industry Association believes that: there is no trade mark environmental protection, industry self-regulation integrity first.

In order to ensure the normal supply of urea product market as soon as possible, in 2015 February, Chinese Engine Industry Association commissioned the machinery industry of internal combustion engine exhaust postprocessing engineering technology research center on the 22 car voluntarily apply for the use of CGT logo for urea enterprises to carry out the preliminary examination, and the approval in accordance with the "16 enterprise management measures" provisions into the network reporting procedures. As of June 30th, the internal combustion engine exhaust gas treatment engineering technology research center of the machinery industry has carried out on-site assessment of 11 enterprises, and completed a comprehensive evaluation report.

It is understood that the audit process is very fair and rigorous. Must first pass through the preliminary examination, document review and on-site quality management system review and evaluation process, the on-site quality management system review also relates to the production technology, management, quality assurance, safety, health, environmental protection and other aspects of the enterprise. At the end of the accreditation after the end will be unqualified in the review of the single sorted out, and asked to make informed business solutions within the specified time, the follow-up and implementation of the rectification of the enterprise audit. Then according to the rectification of the situation, the results of the assessment of the site, whether the enterprise can be judged.

At this meeting, the working group on the review of the 11 urea enterprises comprehensive evaluation report was the final consideration, through the consideration of the enterprise will be allowed to sell printed with CGT logo urea products.

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