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Daily nursing care of automobile sealing strip

- May 07, 2017 -

1, check the silica gel sealing strip with large cracks, with or without fracture. If the seal is broken, the adhesive can be used for repair. In particular, the use of special adhesive sealing strip, it is easy to fill the big crack. Of course, if the seal is seriously damaged, or a greater degree of aging, it is best to replace the Xinmi seal easy.

2, the owners in the use of car detergent to clean the door and window sealant, preferably coated with a layer of permeability of the protective agent, which can prevent the aging of the sealing strip can greatly improve the sealing seal. In addition, the gap between the sealing strip is easy to be filled with dust, causing corrosion. To do this, we should use the brush to clean the dust.

In 3, the replacement of the entire body, should be in the overlapping part of weld is coated with a layer of sealant, adhesive layer thickness should be about 1mm, and not a virtual layer viscosity, bubbles and other defects. The 3mm-4mm coating and the coating shall be coated on the lower surface of the floor and the lower surface of the front wheel cover. These measures can not only greatly enhance the vehicle's seal and slow down the corrosion rate of the body, but also can greatly improve ride comfort.

4, the door and the body of the seal is a more difficult part of the sealing requirements are relatively strict, should be sealed part of the relatively long, the sealing parts of the cross-section shape is not the same, and the door open and close frequently. In the senior car is often set 3, the 4 seal, the installation of the front pillar and roof side beam parts of the structure of the four seal. This multi-channel seal is generally arranged in the front door seam, in addition to the sealing function, as well as the role of noise reduction noise.

5, after the window glass is damaged, the owner in the use of glass, to check whether there is damage to the sealing strip. Because the window is often not restored after the original shape, therefore, in addition to ensuring that this can easily pull or lift the window glass, but also pay attention to the seal around the window glass. If the glass glazing rabbet slot uneven, rubber and glass, the glass tank is bad, the owner can easily seal off by hand.

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