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The basic operation process and quality identification of automotive sheet metal and spray paint

- May 07, 2017 -

In the process of collision vehicle repair, the operation process of sheet metal and spray painting is very complex, and the maintenance technology and experience requirements are very high. In order to let the owners can understand the operation process of the sheet metal and paint, is to spray in the contest, the operating norms of the sheet metal and paint the operator set as an example, introduce the operation process of the sheet metal and paint.

1 sheet metal operation flow (local depression)

(1) damage identification. After the damaged parts are cleaned, the damage degree is confirmed, and the repair method is established.

(2) sheet metal removal. Remove the body parts of the damaged parts of the vehicle by cutting, etc..

(3) removing old paint film. The original car paint to the damaged area to expose the iron layer.

(4) sheet metal leveling. According to the damage degree of sheet metal, the corresponding sheet metal tool is used to flatten the depression. After finishing the work, the surface of the sheet metal parts must pass through the leveling.

(5) receiving fire treatment. Through the fire treatment, the metal in the recovery of the original shape and thickness of the process of tensile and compressive stress relief, to maintain the stiffness and strength of sheet metal.

(6) oxygen treatment. After hammering plate internal tensile oxygen paint will fall off or ablation, and should be in the internal plate coated with a layer of epoxy paint. The sheet metal process is suitable for sheet metal parts with little damage. If the vehicle collision is serious, damage to the frame, you need to complete the vehicle frame correction on the frame, the operation will be more difficult.

2 painting process

(1) damage identification. After cleaning the damaged parts, confirm the extent and scope of the damage, so as to establish the repair method.

(2) sanding edge. In the damaged parts and the surrounding film connecting parts to burnish a buffer of the slope, so that after the new spray paint and the original car paint better connected together.

(3) apply epoxy primer. Clean the damaged surface of the finished oil again, apply the oxygen primer on the ring and dry it, and then do the antirust treatment.

(4) scraping atomic ash. The painting of epoxy primer sanding slightly damaged parts and clean sheet metal degreasing, scraping putty, putty is what we often say. The ash is dried and polished to confirm the line.

(5) spray primer. In addition to clean oil putty after grinding, start spraying primer, and dry. When spraying primer, pay attention to the need to spray parts of the reverse bonding.

(6) sanding primer. The middle primer is polished to the same height as the original paint finish to confirm the smoothness.

(7) paint. Although the special shops are generally equipped with the original paint, but because of the vehicle is used for a long time, and the original paint finish color difference, then you need to paint the personnel manual paint.

(8) spray paint. Will be adjusted to the top of the spray tank, adjust the air pressure of the spray gun, the amount of paint and spray, after the uniform spraying on the sheet metal. Different topcoat in the spray process is also different.

(9) polishing. Remedy and shine on defective topcoat.

3 how to identify the vehicle spray repair quality

In the event of vehicle scratching and collision accidents, it is best to the owners of special repair shop repair, because the maintenance staff through professional training, with professional equipment, tools and the body of the standard size, not destroy the structure of the vehicle in the repair process. Vehicle repair, to check the quality of repair.

Minor damage: if the vehicle is scratched, the collision is not serious, just a small indentation or paint damage, check to observe the body depression repairing parts is smooth, whether there is a phenomenon of paint cracks, shrinkage, covering the bad, sanding marks or spray paint and paint the new complexion too poor etc..

Serious collision: in addition to the inspection of the body, you also need to check the car, engine compartment and luggage hatch can switch freely, on both sides of the door gap is consistent, whether there is a deviation, the steering wheel body jitter, jitter and abnormal sound phenomenon of vehicle. If the vehicle is running for a period of time, the tire is seriously worn, it may be caused by incomplete vehicle repair.

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