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The development of China's automobile stamping die enterprises and market

- May 07, 2017 -

The mould is the mother of industry, has been regarded as the foundation of industrial production technology and equipment, both cars, home appliances, electronics, petrochemical pillar industry of the national economy and construction, with the development of the national economy, the development of the mold industry need to adapt, China's mold industry started to mature today. With the increase of technology, mold enterprises continue to expand in scale, both in quantity and quality, in the international arena to continuously improve the influence and competitiveness, including automobiles, appliances, electronics and other industries is the biggest market of China's mold industry, accounting for more than 80% of the entire market mold, automotive stamping die and concern attention all over the world.

4 times as China industrial reform, is the core concept of intelligent manufacturing, highly developed manufacturing industry is a necessary preparation for the country into developed countries this year, with the expansion of a new type of imported and domestic parts of the scale of production of automotive stamping parts demand is increasing, industrial developed countries will be low mold we like the transfer of production China, in developing countries, these countries tend to buy or die, in order to reduce the overall cost of automobile production, the domestic mold manufacturers are opportunities and challenges, only continue to strengthen their own areas, improve their core competitiveness, to stand in the market further at the same time, also clearly can be seen in many developed countries also occupy an irreplaceable position in the high-end car mold technology.

The vehicle body components and parts data, coordinate the workload data, repeated adjustments and modifications in the delivery to homely food, under the same condition, the manufacturers of automobile stamping die for the higher, delivery, quality, technical strength is a very important factor to measure a mold strength of enterprises, but each an enterprise has its own advantages, combined with the cooperation between enterprise and enterprise also complies with the development of the whole industry, realize mutual matching between enterprises, complementary advantages, can be a reasonable allocation of resources, play group advantage, realize common development and win-win.

With the development of the 4 industry, have higher requirements and standards of intelligent manufacturing mold industry, the domestic high-end automobile mold in addition to meet the requirements of quality, cost and cycle of traditional mold enterprises, development and application of new technology will become the future direction of domestic mold mold manufacturing industry development focus. Multi position progressive die is developed on the basis of the ordinary progressive die, which is high precision, high efficiency and long service life. In addition, mold automation is also increasingly prominent, for customers, production efficiency is the real impact of the overall production costs.

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