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The ultimate challenge of intelligent plate dream

- May 07, 2017 -

The Chinese dream, dream, dream of aviation intelligent plate integration, inspired the "80" common technology member Ni Xingyi created the "primitive" force, at the capture of Fort technology tackling, to produce a copy of an answer to sit up and take notice.

Ni Xingyi graduated from Nanchang Hangkong University in 2005 into the material forming professional, XAC a few years into the party, and to a qualified party standards themselves. Over the past more than and 10 years, Ni Xingyi's sheet metal forming technology has always been to maintain the desire to stay out of the heart. He can quickly get ideas and needs from the master, find the key technology and research and application.

"The wisdom of the crowd, the challenge of sheet metal limit, precision parts forming. The source and Inspiration of my work come from the rationalization proposals put forward by the workers in order to reduce the quality of the products and improve the work efficiency. As soon as I hear what the workers are talking about, I collect and study it, and then try to solve the problem by using the latest technology. With the accumulation of experience, the method of controlling the quality of parts is much more." Ni Xingyi introduced his work concisely.

To change the aircraft sheet metal parts processing long followed the tradition of "trial and error" or "experience", completely solve the parts Handmade unstable quality and low work efficiency and other issues, aimed at the air Xingyi Ni sheet metal processing technology based on research and application, realize not addendum surface and process parameters considered in previous sheet metal processing forming for sheet metal parts, the workers often take "processing techniques, cutting edge side beat", after repeated testing and repairing mould, resulting in a large number of raw materials, mold, waste of labor costs. As for a type of variable curvature concave convex semi flat tube precision sheet metal forming technology research group leader, Ni Xingyi two years ago the company manufacturing sheet metal drawing short board, to study the basic properties of the material as a breakthrough, with the help of digital simulation technology, die structure, blank shape, blank holder method and addendum surface and parameters and so the overall optimization of semi final convex concave flat tube, high efficiency and high precision to achieve a forming parts, sheet metal deep drawing parts do not achieve the purpose of cutting, mold repair. In a sense, Ni Xingyi promoted the rapid development of the technology of sheet metal manufacturing company.

During the research period, the whole work of the Ni Ni, as if the gyro is generally kept high speed rotation. The heart of a collection of energy, prompting him not to forget to think about the problem. When eating, if the emergence of inspiration to deal with the problem of mind, he immediately fangxiawankuai, quickly open the computer to work. The keyboard and the mouse and the footprint of production site, have witnessed the dedication of the feelings of Xingyi ni.

In the past 12 years, Ni Xingyi has solved the problem of the precise forming of the complex products, such as stainless steel spherical parts, stainless steel T - shaped half - through tubes, thick - plate - shaped half - through tubes, and so on, which has been solved in the past 3 years by. Research and application of each key project, from project evaluation, test plan to review the topic summarizes identification, analysis, simulation parameters of material test, optimization of process parameters and other aspects involved in forming parts, he will participate in the entire process, until the successful completion of development tasks.

Trust and recognition of leadership gave great encouragement Xingyi ni. Sheet metal component factory technical director Li Shanliang Ni Xingyi commented: he is good at thinking, not afraid of difficulties, problems do not flinch, being willing to study, especially with tapping screw type "the spirit of the nail, set an example for the technical team, is worthy of technical innovation -- a case of" geeks".

Each achievement, allcondenses with Ni Xingyi sweat. From 2013 to participate in a machine developed for the individual three work began, Ni Xingyi almost every year winning project "Xinzhou" model 600F qualified individual three forensic work; technical contest company first, and for the four time won the professional technical contest first prize; the first to complete the first identity and get the process FMECA technical improvement of workers in Shaanxi province first prize and outstanding achievement of innovation of science and technology invention award. In particular, in 2016, Ni Xingyi made 3 awards, namely, the outstanding creative and entrepreneurial workers in Shaanxi, the title of the process FMECA Quality Improvement Award of two, general manager of the new minimally invasive technology, such as the award of the new two. His technical team was awarded the title of excellent quality management team. Ni Xingyi personally completed 26 national patent declaration, access to the authorization of the 12.

Ni Xingyi said: "the results can only represent yesterday, I will redouble our efforts to create a brilliant tomorrow. Also hope that more people on the street to research on the new technology of sheet metal manufacturing, to achieve the dream of aviation service China."

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