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Use of nylon tube for caution

- May 07, 2017 -

How often use nylon tube friends often praise the excellent properties of nylon tube, nylon tube has the advantages of simple processing, small resistance, dimensional stability, permeability greatly, long service life, good temperature resistance, mainly used for conveying compressed air, water, fuel oil, chemical solvents, liquid food etc.. Therefore, the use of nylon tube is quite extensive. The correct installation and use of nylon pipe need to follow certain principles, there will be some points to note.

1 nylon tube, such as the working environment of the temperature is too high, may affect the working pressure, and even make nylon tube rupture.

2 please do not put on the nylon tube stretch, distortion of the load, otherwise it is possible to make nylon tube rupture, disengagement and damage.

3 water or hot medium oil, use a heat pipe, otherwise, there will be the possibility of aging and rupture.

4 do not let the nylon tube friction, winding, which may lead to nylon tube rupture.

5 please use nylon tube above the minimum bending radius.

6 the length of the pipe to keep sufficient margin.

7 if the nylon pipe passes through the water, please use the cannula. If you don't use the tube, nylon tube may fall off.

8 nylon pipe, the working environment, such as chemical gas, may lead to nylon pipe cracking.

9 when the nylon tube is installed on the quick plug, the cross section of the nylon pipe should be vertical.

10, the nylon tube with a drill diameter less than or equal to the drill rod diameter 1/3, drilling angle of 90-110 degrees, speed is lower than that of 400r/min, and a timely exit drill, water or oil saponification after cooling, and then according to the above procedures or drilling reaming.

Key points of nylon pipe installation must pay attention to, must pay attention to these, because if not attracted enough attention, may cause damage and rupture of nylon tubes and other consequences, caused great security risk. No damage to the sealing strip. Because the window is often not restored after the original shape, therefore, in addition to ensuring that this can easily pull or lift the window glass, but also pay attention to the seal around the window glass. If the glass glazing rabbet slot uneven, rubber and glass, the glass tank is bad, the owner can easily seal off by hand.

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