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Why are nylon tubes attracted by a variety of machines?

- Jun 27, 2017 -

The use of nylon tube with all aspects of life and production, it can be said that in mechanical parts now less difficult to do because of the nylon tube material, nylon tube with mechanical and electrical properties of impact resistance, resistance, wear resistance, high tensile strength, no deformation of bending and springback of good insulation and excellent. Made of engineering plastic materials certificated by UL high resistance to acid and alkali; designed for strong acid demand, most used in PCB/FPD wet process equipment and plating equipment; nylon bellows with green ROSH, IP68, CSA, airtight waterproof ULEN50262 international standard certification; in bad high alkali environment or, in the outdoor bad environment can widely used this product.

Nylon bellows with UL approved nylon PA66 engineering plastic (fire UL94-2); with resistance to mechanical and electrical properties, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, no deformation of bending and springback of good insulation and excellent, widely used in automation, mechanical equipment, piping engineering at the same time, transportation and other fields, nylon bellows also have excellent weatherability (this product all through the 1000 hour anti weathering test, UV) are often used in outdoor wiring and wiring engineering, its excellent chemical resistance and oil erosion and other characteristics of the whole piping system can achieve the best protection effect.

Nylon tube as a mechanical layout parts of the user. Industrial development to support the impact of the adhesive profession along with the development of new energy vehicles and high-speed rail track, such as the development of new industries, the quality of domestic products, auto parts safer. In the automotive parts on the nylon rod can not only play a strong role in the wear resistance, but also can withstand oil shock. Nylon rod function, has been widely used in mechanical manufacturing engineering. The current market of nylon rods extruded nylon rod and casting nylon rod. They are used in various ways according to their different characteristics.

It is common, it is the quality of data among the most comprehensive, in addition to toughness and wear resistance, the biggest characteristic is to be superior to other electrical insulating properties of nylon, its chemical resistance is excellent, and gradually optimize the industrial layout. And customers can be based on their own needs for flame retardant and color, after a brief adjustment of the flame retardant masterbatch and HIPS share and toner concentration to prepare a different color, not the same flame retardant. The selection of the flame retardant masterbatch batch preparation of high strength flame retardant HIPS also has a significant cost advantage.

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