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Finishing Machine

The main structure of the trowel is a spatula rotor to a gasoline engine driven, in the middle of the rotor is installed on the bottom surface of the cross spatula. Spatula tilt direction and rotating direction of the rotor, a gasoline engine drives the rotation of the rotor. The triangle belt...

Product Details

Also called Electric Power Trowel Machine. The main structure of the trowel is a spatula rotor which is gasoline engine driven. In the middle of the rotor installs spatula on the bottom cross surface. Spatula tilt has the same direction with rotating direction of the rotor. The spatula rotates by a triangle belt driven by a petrol engine. First hitting the fire, holding the operation handle, the two together push forward the mobile and pull back together. The average per hour to 100 ~ 300sq.m. The artificial light comparison efficiency can be increased more than 30 times. At present the company to high-quality products, reasonable price, perfect service system of customer service to win customers praise.

It is a kind of  fine finishing machine tool to deal with rough concrete surface. The machined surface is smoother and smoother than the artificial surface, which can greatly improve the compactness and abrasion resistance of concrete surface.

Applications: Widely used in the concrete surface of high standard workshop, warehouse, parking lot, square, airport and frame building.


1. Start the polishing machine and operate the handle

2. Hold the joystick tightly to keep the fuselage balanced

3. When the polishing machine is working, it must be supported firmly, and the direction should be adjusted in time to avoid losing control of the machine

4. Grind first coarsely, then finely. When the ground is suitable for fine grinding, remove the abrasive disc and use a spatula


Grinding evenly, durability, stable quality, long service life, easy to use, environmental protection non-toxic

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