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Generator, Water Pump

The generator is converted to other forms of energy into electrical energy machinery and equipment, which is composed of turbine, steam turbine, diesel or other power driven machinery, water, air, fuel combustion or nuclear fission energy into mechanical energy to the generator, the generator is...

Product Details

Then generator is a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. The energy produced by machine driven by a steam turbine, steam turbine, diesel or other power, water, air, fuel combustion or nuclear fission can be transferred into a mechanical energy  to supply generator. And the generator is converted to electrical energy. The working principle of law is based on the law of electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic force. Therefore, the structure is a general principle: The mutual magnetic circuit uses appropriate magnetic and conductive materials to generate electromagnetic power for energy conversion purposes. Our high quality products, reasonable price, perfect service system have won good reputation of customers.


Starting mode


Compression ratio8.0:1
Rated frequency60Hz/50Hz
Rated power7.0Kw/6.5Kw
Max power
Rated voltage
Fuel tank capacity52L
Full-load running time8.5h
Half-load running time13.0h


1. Adopt high quality motor

2. Shenchi single cylinder gasoline power, easy to start.

3. Engine oil alarm. When the engine oil is too low, it will automatically cut off the engine circuit breaker, and the overload will automatically cut off the power

4. The new air filter has a unique design. The waste oil is sucked into the carburetor through a special pipe for secondary combustion to prevent leakage.

5. The silencer with spark eliminator makes it more environmental friendly

6. AVR (automatic voltage regulator), stable output voltage

7. Fully enclosed control panel, waterproof and dustproof, portable, compact design, rugged and easy to operate

8. Excellent performance, stable operation, half load leveling and steady work time up to 12.5 hours, both for home and business

9. Passed multiple international certifications including EPA,CARB,CE DE, etc

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