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Impact Rammer

Rammer refers to the use of impact compaction machine and impact vibration effect of tamped backfill. Electric impact rammer, gasoline shock ramming and vibrating impact rammer. Impact compaction in cohesive soil is better, rammer is suitable for building, ground, courtyard, roadbed, bridge...

Product Details

Rammer is a tool that uses the impact compactor and the impact vibration effect of compacted backfill. It can be classified into electric impact tamping, gasoline impact tamping and vibration impact ramming. Impact compactionis effective in viscous soil, and the tamper is suitable for construction tasks that large and medium-sized machinery such as building, ground, courtyard, road foundation, bridge pile, ditch, site construction, narrow site environment, etc. At present, our company has won high praise from customers with high quality products, reasonable price and perfect service system.

They are designed to deal with the tough site condition, well balanced, easy to operate and excellent manoeuvrability in trenches and around pipes...Additionally, every chisel rammer's performance has been tested before it is released from the factory.


1. No fuel mixing required, easy to start, low running noise, low maintenance cost, more fuel efficient than two-stroke engines;

2. Heavy impact installation system to reduce arm vibration and improve comfort;

3. Steel wooden ramming shoes which are economical and practical;

4. Special engine protective frames prevent any possible damage at hard work sites.


Designed for small repair works and sticky soils such as clay and silt in narrow and narrow areas (ditches or residential land, etc). Also used in sand and gravel.


1.High quality: It can bear high pressure.

2. Easy to transport

3. High temperature- resistance

4. Long durability

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