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Automobile Nylon Tube Common Specification And Usage

- May 07, 2017 -

The nylon tube is now the most stable chemical and physical properties that can be used in nylon materials. Wear resistant, easy to bend, many of which cause other types of pipe scraping failure of the material, it has no effect. The surface of the bassoon is as smooth as a mirror surface, which can prevent rust and scale deposition. Can be bent, easy to install without any special tools. Corrosion resistant to many chemicals.

Reliable applications: air and water chemicals, lubricants, instrumentation lines, irrigation systems, textile mills, food plants, air conditioning systems, cars, truck air brake and hydraulic braking systems, shock insulation and other industries

Nylon tube is a kind of multiple structure, material and manufacture, nylon tube in any one layer is coated with a silicon oxide film, produced by extrusion to the inner core, high strength fiber tube industrial demand, nylon tube to meet their. Nylon tube in the auto industry, mainly used in automobile wiring harness assembly, which comprises: a variety of automotive air conditioning pipe sleeve, corrugated pipe, wire harness, car fire bellows ventilation pipe, tube and refrigerated delivery vehicles drip tube, automobile wire harness sheath pipe, automobile brake system of car oil pipe, wire harness tube machine all kinds of automobile air conditioning water pipe, corrugated pipe.

In the construction and decoration industry, because the nylon bellows has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, high strength, convenient construction, easy winding characteristics: can be widely used in pipeline system of outdoor sheathed communication cables and optical cables, including remote communication pipeline bureau trunk pipeline, pipe, wire feeder pipe, piping and wiring private network pipeline and special rules. Has a strong application, suitable for cables, wires and other cables put on.

In the mechanical manufacturing profession, because of its excellent features, nylon tubes are widely used in various electrical, mechanical, machine tools, casing, wire. With a reasonable allocation of plastic corrugated pipe and various adapter, can be an excellent role in the mechanical assembly and mechanical connection.

In the agriculture and forestry irrigation industry, because of the continuous development of the current agricultural irrigation technology, there are many irrigation skills such as drip irrigation, infiltration irrigation and so on. Nylon bellows through certain improvement, in addition to its excellent function, the successful development of agriculture for irrigation irrigation pipe, the widely used with good use value in greenhouses, orchards, sand prevention and control project of water-saving irrigation. 2012 began a substantial increase in global caprolactam production capacity, is expected in 2020 the world's actual production capacity will increase to 8 million tons caprolactam. The global caprolactam overall surplus production capacity, not short-term recovery.

The current sharp decline in international oil prices, energy prices are greatly reduced for the development of polymers is very important to reduce the cost of polymerization to enable the industry to rebound. In 2014, the global market has 2 million 200 thousand tons of polyamide 66. At present, the global polyamide fiber, especially polyamide 6 industry restructuring risk. In the face of the environment is not optimistic, the solution is to enter into a new "S" curve, which includes accelerating innovation, accelerate product upgrading, providing high-performance products, strengthen services. Companies should also have the right price positioning to support investment in R & D.

The ultimate perfection of polyamide 6 technology as a new technology for OMDP polymerization. OMDP is a reversible reaction in polymerization process tends to balance, was developed to extract Recyclable recovery in PA6 production, including the extraction of water purification and reunion special reactor, reversible polymerization reactor OMDP concentration include excessive water, oligomer degradation in the reactor, homogenizer and VK tube. OMDP can be used in conjunction with other technologies for direct extraction of OMDP+DR in the polymerization process, mainly for OMDP+OPRP, also can be.

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