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Preservation Methods Of Urea For Automobiles?

- May 07, 2017 -

Urea should be stored at room temperature, to avoid low temperature and direct sunlight, keep the temperature at -5 - 25 degrees C, when the temperature is lower than -5, there should be heat preservation measures, higher than 25 degrees to cool insulation. Urea in the light and low temperature conditions, the period will be shortened significantly. If the storage temperature is too low will show crystallization, volume shrinkage, so the storage volume should not be higher than 90%. Once the crystallization, heating temperature is not higher than 30 DEG C. Urea is alkaline, corrosion of copper, cast iron, solder, cast aluminum. Its packaging materials should be strictly selected GB29518-2013 recommended materials. The packaging of urea for car must be customized, and can not be used for carbon steel storage tanks or ordinary plastic barrels. At the same time, due to the water soluble urea crystallization point is -11 degrees C, so some of the pumping pipeline insulation, while the temperature should not be too high, too easy to lead to urea decomposition.

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