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Production Of Nylon Tubes

- May 07, 2017 -

Nylon pipe production technology, although the nylon is very common in our daily life, everyone is more or less contact, but not know nylon pipe should be a lot of, about the nylon pipe production process. Main points and six steps

(1) equipment: given that the industrial nylon hoses are mostly small caliber tubes, this unit is equipped with a plastic extruder of 90.

(2) materials: the extrusion of nylon tubes is a difficult variety in plastic products; Material chosen viscosity grades above 3.0, the lower the viscosity, squeeze out the less easy to forming, the more mature mould requirements. According to screw length to diameter ratio of different granularity of raw materials.

(3) molds: the head of the machine is not much different from the ordinary plastic head, but the pressure is relatively higher. This product adopts the vacuum process, and the outer diameter of the product is constant, so the nylon tube is generally the size of the outside diameter. For example, 8 * 1 means 8 mm diameter and 1 mm thick wall.

Preparation: because nylon is so wet, it must be dried before processing, ensuring moisture content is below 0.3 percent.

(5) extrude, size, code, meter, roll, check, enter.

(6) the materials that need to be moistened are not as low as low temperature, brittle and brittle, and have poor dimensional stability.

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