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The Characteristics Of A Car Seal Strip

- May 07, 2017 -

Car seals are an important component. In addition to the original seal in a car, and later we can also do your own installation D, P car seal, reduce the door frame of the sound and the door fan, the collapse is waterproof. How to install a car that is sealed back? Then we go to the big d, which is a big d, and we need to clean up the parts that we need to paste. Then start with a short seal, and then tear the rubber and tape it to the beginning. Then, as the frame expands, you need to be careful not to let the stickup, slanted, and easily sealed news articles. So the extension goes back to the fitting point with scissors. The door is installed here. Now all you need to do is install the seal bar somewhere else, even if you did it! Finally, there is a famous saying: the installation of 3 days to avoid the rain, the gravity, close the door, in the case cause 3m tapes to fall off.

Two, the sealing strip is chosen, before installation, must remove the original seal strip. Article will seal the cover need to wipe up, especially the residual glue, accumulating dust and sand,'t wipe clean the sealing glue is not strong, it is better to don't change.

Three, the car door generally stay one or two outlet, the glue sealing strip was careful not to block the outlet, otherwise will be able to experience it rains outside when it rains, the fish's dilemma in the car. In the same way, like the trunk, engine compartment, sealing strip tear open outfit is simple, strong ability of friend can begin to try, for installation accuracy requirement is high, like the skylight or to repair shop to complete. It's a little bit of a leak, it's not funny.

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