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What Is The Nylon Tube

- May 07, 2017 -

Nylon is the outstanding scientist Carothers (Carothers) and under the leadership of a team of scientists developed, is the emergence of the first synthetic fiber in the world. The emergence of nylon textile appearance to look brand-new, its synthesis is a major breakthrough in synthetic fiber industry, also is an important course of polymer chemistry. Nylon (Nylon), English name of polyamide (PA), is on the main chain molecules containing the repeated amide gene - [NHCO] - the thermoplastic resin. Including aliphatic PA, fat is a good aromatic aromatic PA PA. Among them, the aliphatic PA variety, large output. Wide application. Its name by the synthesis of monomer on the specific number of carbon atoms. On October 27, 1938, formally announced the birth of the world's first synthetic fiber, and named polyamide 66 the synthetic fiber Nylon (Nylon). Nylon has many features. Therefore, in the car. Electrical equipment. The mechanical structure. The traffic equipment. Textile. Papermaking machinery etc widely used. As the miniaturization of the car. High-performance electronic electrical equipment. Machinery and equipment of the lightweight process accelerated. Demand for nylon will be more higher. Especially the nylon as structural material, its strength. Heat resistance. Cold tolerance, etc, put forward high request. The intrinsic defects of nylon is also a important factor of restricting its application, especially for PA6, PA66 two varieties, and PA46, PA12, etc varieties than has a strong price advantage, although some performance cannot meet the demands of the development of related industries. Therefore, must be for a particular application domain, through modification, improve its some properties, to enlarge its application field. Because of the characteristic of the PA strong polarity, hygroscopicity strong, dimension stability is poor, but can be modified to improve.

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