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What Is The Structure Of The Car Cooling System?

- Jun 27, 2017 -

Auto play can not be replaced, we live in the same structure, some professionals for the car, can also say something can not be replaced, for example, the engine, a part of this is the car can run power, its role is very big the.

In fact, it is the engine cooling system, a system that plays the role can not be ignored, he most is to carry out the corresponding cooling water, of course there are also some special vehicles will use air to cool, you can search for specific information in this regard, I believe there will be a a comprehensive understanding of.

So what is the cooling system structure? For this problem, the repair personnel are given the answer is generally composed of a water tank and a water pump, which is produced in the operation of the vehicle heat to provide water for cooling, the automobile heat can be dissipated, can run longer, there are other the fan and water table etc..

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