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Working Principle Of Engine Cooling System And Daily Maintenance

- May 07, 2017 -

Automotive engine cooling system is an important system to ensure the normal operation of the engine. The car engine is to maintain a normal temperature range to ensure the normal operation of the. The temperature of the engine we can see through the vehicle water temperature meter, usually engine can be allowed in the temperature range between 60 C and 120 C, 80 C and 90 C is the ideal temperature for the normal operation of the engine, the engine fuel consumption is relatively small.

The function of the cooling system is to control the temperature of the engine in the ideal range of 80 DEG C - 90. When the engine temperature is below or above this temperature range, the cooling system is automatically adjusted. When the engine temperature is higher than the normal range, the cooling water will be equipped in the pressure pump under the cooling liquid is transported to the engine cylinder inside the tank, the liquid began to circulate in the engine cylinder around the channel, through the liquid excess heat away from the engine, and finally back to the liquid storage tank.

The engine temperature is too high or too low is not ideal, when the temperature is too high, the engine is more easy to wear, the cooling system will accelerate the circulation speed of the cooling liquid to cool down, because the cooling water pump work, so as to improve the power of the engine, consume more gasoline and increase fuel consumption! When the temperature is too low, the engine temperature is not enough, the engine will automatically increase the amount of fuel injection to improve the engine temperature, fuel consumption will increase.

Thus, the role of the cooling system is not only the engine temperature control in a reasonable range, for the protection of the engine to reduce wear and tear, reduce fuel consumption is also very important!

In the cooling system, the real heat is taken away from the liquid is frozen, due to the good thermal conductivity and heat absorption of liquid, liquid as a heat transfer medium is very effective. Coolant, due to the antifreeze effect, will be added antifreeze, so the full name of cooling fluid is cooling antifreeze, so usually said the coolant and antifreeze in fact refers to a thing.

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