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Rubber Parts

The ​rubber parts we offer lightweight rubber air spring, rubber sealing strip, sealing strip for vehicle, nylon tube/high strength nylon tube, silicon rubber tube for automobile and automobile urea tank.
Rubber air spring is a kind of curved capsule made of rubber and mesh wire. It is commonly known as pneumatic tire, corrugated pneumatic tire, airbag and leather tiger. The two ends of the capsule are connected by two steel plates to form a compressed air chamber.
The rubber sealing strip is made of rubber, rubber and rubber and is made of rubber with excellent aging resistance. The manufacturing method uses an extrusion molding continuous vulcanization method, an extrusion molding vulcanization can vulcanization method, or a compression vulcanization method.
Silicon rubber tube connects engine and air cleaners, engine and radiator systems, automotive air conditioning systems, and more. As an integral part of the air intake system, it is close to the engine, so it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and low temperature resistance.
Automotive urea tanks are an important part of the SCR tail gas aftertreatment system for diesel engines. They can store and filter aqueous urea solutions and prevent urea aqueous solutions from freezing at low temperatures. It integrates urea solution storage, liquid level control and temperature control.
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Advantages of Rubber parts:
* Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, compression resistance, permanent deformation.
* Excellent electrical insulation properties: The dielectric properties of rubber parts are excellent, especially the dielectric properties at high temperatures are much higher than those of common organic rubbers.
* Good processing performance and easy molding. Various rubber parts can be produced by extrusion hot air vulcanization molding.
* Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and UV-resistant performance. Our rubber parts will not crack when used outdoors for a long time.