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Automobile Urea Tank

Automobile urea tank Now the common urea tank mainly comprises a box body and a box body composed of urea pump, is integrally formed by plastic process, common black non transparent structure, sturdy and durable. Urea pump into the electric pump and pneumatic pump, electric pump driven by the...

Product Details

Automobile urea tank

The recent common urea tank is mainly comprised of a box body and urea pump, integrally formed by plastic process. With a common black non transparent structure, it is sturdy and durable. Urea pump is divided into the electric pump driven by the motor and pneumatic pump pressure by injection of urea, which is reliable and durable, and widely used in China the truck. When urea pump work, Urea is first filtered by the filter core to prevent blockage of pipes and nozzles, and then enters the urea solution pump, which is mixed with compressed air and sprayed after stopping the injection with the urea pump.The compressed air will be blown back for a period of time, and the residual urea will be blown back into the tank to prevent the urea crystals from clogging the pipe. We use a series of advanced production and testing equipment, including electronic sensing thawing experiment device, leakage detection device for preventing current side to produce advanced products. Urea tank is applicable to truck and passenger cars and other countries with the implementation of exhaust emission standards, urea tank assembly will be widely used in the SCR system of global large automobile companies.

Basic Info.

Product name:  Automobile urea tank

Material:   Plastic

Car make: For BUS, truck, etc.

Working temperature; -40~+85°C

Warranty: 12 months

Payment Term: T/T L/C Western Union


A range of electrically heated line lengths offer convenient installation options for a wide variety of applications.

The high-efficiency filtration system in the tank assembly improves system reliability and extends service intervals.

According to different vehicle installation requirements, we provide different shape and volume tanks as optioins. 


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