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Electric Control Cabinet

Electric control cabinet The cabinet is the switch equipment, according to the requirements of electrical wiring protection instrument, electrical equipment and auxiliary equipment are assembled in a closed or semi closed metal cabinet or screen size, the layout should be the normal operation of...

Product Details

Electric control cabinet

Electric control cabinet is a control cabinet (box) that assembles switch equipment, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment into closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or screen according to the requirements of electrical wiring. Its layout should meet the requirements of normal operation of the power system, facilitate maintenance, and do not endanger the safety of people and surrounding equipment. The company's production equipment is basically the most advanced stamping forming equipment in China and special machine designed according to different products. The product quality is stable and consistent. With high quality products, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service system, the company has won high praise from customers at home and abroad.


Metal-cald and partition completely, which efectively prevent faults from spreading.

The low voltage section is completely separated from the high voltage sections.

Enclosure can protect against electric shock and ingress of solid foreign bodies.

Simple but effective interlocking prevents maloperation.

Installation and maintenance is convenient, because huge space is provided for multiple cable connections.


Customized design according to customer product

2D/3D mechanical drawing

PLC programmable control

Human-computer interaction interface

High precision machining


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