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Stainless Steel Cabinet

Stainless steel cabinet Impact resistance, high hardness, forming a whole stamping technology, different plate thickness can be adjusted according to the customer demand. The company production equipment is the most advanced stamping device and according to the different design of plane...

Product Details

Stainless steel cabinet

The company production equipment is the most advanced stamping device. And the products we produce is according to the different design of plane products, which  makes it a high quality and strong consistency. The company has won to the domestic and foreign customers through its high-quality products, reasonable price and perfect customer service system. This kind of stainless steel cabinet adopts CNC welding technology. The parts are formed by large mould at one time to reduce welding points. The stiffeners of diaphragm plate are rolled into shape by rolling technology. The connecting parts/supporting and reinforcing auxiliary parts are wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, and the hardness meets the bearing requirements.

Customization is accepted according to customers' drawing/sample.

Basic Info.

Meterial: Stainless steel

Production Process: Laser/Line cutting, Stamping, CNC Punching, CNC Bending, Welding, Assembling, etc.

Surface Treatment: Silver/Zinc/Nickel/Tin Plating, Pickling Polishing, Brushing, etc

Feature: Customized Design

Metal-cald and partition completely, which efectively prevent faults from spreading


Impact resistance

High hardness

Whole forming stamping technology

Different plate thickness adjusted according to the customer demand




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