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Our spring including automobile air spring guiding arm, which comprises a guiding arm of a rectangular plate-like structure and a connecting hole formed at two end portions thereof; the plate surface of one end portion of the guiding arm is a right-angled trapezoidal structure. The spring has the advantages that the one end plate surface of the air spring guiding arm is arranged in a right angle trapezoidal structure, so that the air spring guiding arm can be accurately inserted in the assembly position when the right angle side of the trapezoid is aligned with the mounting position.
Automotive springs are the most traditional elastic components in automotive suspension systems. They are widely used due to their high reliability, simple structure, short manufacturing process, low cost and greatly simplified structure.
The automobile spring is generally composed of a plurality of alloy spring steels of unequal length, which are similar to an equal-strength spring beam. In the suspension system, in addition to the buffering effect, when it is placed in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle, and one end is fixedly hinged to the frame, it can bear all the forces and moments of the various directions and determine the trajectory of the wheel movement. It acts as a guide, so there is no need to set up other guiding mechanisms.
In addition, the automobile spring is formed by stacking a plurality of pieces. When deformed under load, each piece has a relative sliding to generate friction, which generates a certain resistance and promotes the vibration attenuation of the body. Therefore, the structure can be used without damping. Device. However, the springs store the lowest energy per unit weight, which is the worst utilization of these materials.
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* The spring has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, low cost and convenient maintenance.
* It is both the elastic element of the suspension and the guiding device of the suspension.
* One end is hinged to the frame to transmit various forces and moments and determine the beating trajectory of the wheel.
* It has a certain friction damping effect and is widely used on non-independent suspensions.
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