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Leaf Spring

The leaf spring is an approximately equal-strength elastic beam composed of several leaf spring pieces of alloy spring sheets of equal width but not equal length. When the bow plate is installed in the car suspension and the vertical load is positive, the leaf spring pieces are deformed by force and have an upward arching tendency.
The main function of the leaf spring is as the elastic component of the car suspension system. In addition, the inter-plate friction of the multiple springs acts as a damping function of the system. Most of the car leaf springs have a guiding effect through the roller ears and the support.
Regardless of the form in which the car leaf spring is mounted on the car, it is working in the form of a beam, that is to say its main direction of force is perpendicular to the length of the leaf spring. The bending moment of the automobile leaf spring mounted on the automobile is basically a unidirectional load, and thus the bending stress is also a unidirectional stress.
In addition to reducing the dry friction between the sheets and the noise generated by the sheets, the leaf springs used in automobiles can also save materials, reduce the weight of the vehicle body, reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle, reduce the dynamic stiffness, increase the use stress, and prolong the fatigue life.
The advantages of the automobile leaf spring are simple structure, reliable operation, low cost and convenient maintenance. It is both the elastic element of the suspension and the guide for the suspension. One end of the frame is hinged to the frame to transmit various forces and moments and determine the beating trajectory of the wheel. At the same time, leaf spring also has a certain friction damping effect.
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