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Volvo Truck Trailer leaf spring pack

With the multi blade variable cross-section leaf spring. The connection piece trailer frame and axle, guide, bearing, damping effect; the use of our products the best raw materials, ensure the GB/T19844 experimental conditions the fatigue life of not less than 200 thousand times, the stiffness...

Product Details

Product Name:Leaf Spring For VOLVO

leaf spring For VOLVO

Application: VOLVO

Product Description:

OEM No/Model: 273325/257931/257934/257428/257900/257868/257857/257869/257867 etc.

1.material: SUP11A,60Si2Mn,51CrVA or required

2.WidthxThicness: 90x35

3.the sizes: 1850/920/930

Transport Package: Pallet

Payment Terms:L/C at sight,T/T

MOQ:20 sets

Lead-time:Within 3-4 weeks

Delivery Ports:Qingdao

Leaf springs are made as follows:

1.Shearing of flat bar
2.Parabolic Rolling
3.Center hole punchin
g / Drilling
4.End Heating process forming (hot & cold process)
a. Eye Forming / Wrapper Forming
b. Diamond cutting / end trimming / width cutting / end tapering
c. End punching / end grooving / end bending / end forging / eye grinding
d. Center hole punching / Drilling / nibbing

5.Heat Treatment
a. Heating
b. Camber forming
c. Quenching
d. Tempering
6.Surface preparation
a. sand blasting
b. Painting
7.Eye bush preparation process
a. Eye reaming / eye boring
b. Bush insertion
c. Bush reaming
a. Presetting & load testing
b. Paint touch-up
c. Marking & packing

production process.png


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