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The suspension we offer including leaf spring type independent suspension and air suspension.
Suspension is a general term for all force transmission devices between the frame and the axle. The car suspension consists of three parts: elastic element, damper and force-transmitting device. These three parts act as buffering, damping and force transmission.
The suspension subtly separates traction, braking and steering forces through kinematics while giving the vehicle precise steering control. There are more types of rear suspension systems than front suspensions, because the difference in driving style determines the presence or absence of the rear axle and is related to the weight of the vehicle. There are two types of link type and swing arm type.
Its quality is very light, which can reduce the impact of the car body and improve the ground adhesion of the wheel. In addition, its use can reduce the engine position and reduce the center of gravity of the car, thereby improving the driving stability of the car.
The main function of the suspension is to transmit all the forces and moments acting between the wheel and the body, such as supporting force, braking force and driving force, and to alleviate the impact load transmitted to the vehicle body by the uneven road surface, attenuate the vibration caused by the vibration, ensure the comfort of the occupants and reduce the dynamic load of the cargo and the vehicle itself.
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Working Principle:
One end of the balance shaft is press-fitted with the bracket body, and the other protruding end is assembled with the shaft hole of the support frame. The upper part of the support frame is fixedly coupled with the bracket body by bolts, and the two spring metal sleeves are arranged in the spring seat of the two ends, and are slidably matched with the balance shaft. The connecting shaft is bolted to the top of the bracket body by a tile cover.
* It takes up less space and reduces the height of the floor.
* High strength, and the front wheel positioning change in the vehicle is small.
* The left and right wheels are involved in each other when bouncing, the amount of change in the tire angle is small, and the wear of the tire is small.
* The suspension is not easy to change the angle of the wheel when the height of the vehicle is lowered, so that the feeling of manipulation is consistent.
* The bearing capacity and service life are improved, the occurrence of the breakage of the connecting shaft is prevented, and the problem of the side of the leaf spring seat groove is solved.